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Intellicare is a new project for CBITs and it involves the creation of a suite of Android “mini-apps” that each implement a clinical strategy or objective to serve users with anxiety or depression.

To speed the development of these smaller apps, I’ve created an Android template app that serves as a resource/library providing commonly-used features and assets to individual Intellicare apps. For example, it provides the common consent form required by the IRB. It provides a layer over the Android notification framework for managing alerts from a variety of related apps. It includes an icon library for use within the UI.

From my perspective, the native Android bits are falling into place quite well. However, the Cordova/PhoneGap platform is a popular tool among CBITs developers and I’m probably the least schooled in its use. I need to understand better what components from the Javascript world should be part of the Intellicare template.

So, this Friday, I’ll be introducing the app template to CBITs developers, show how it’s already being used to develop new apps, and open the floor for a discussion about what other Javascript-based platforms or frameworks should be bundled with the template beyond the base Cordova system.

Friday, 4-5pm @ Techtopia Room.