Using Android helper apps to put Purple Robot on a diet

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Fat Robot

Since Purple Robot’s inception in the fall of 2012, it’s become the largest Android application I’ve ever written with over 50 different sensors, a built-in web server, and two complete embedded scripting environments. Lately, I’ve had to temper my ambitions a bit given that the app has begun to hit fundamental system limitations that are causing major issues moving forward.

Ontologies at CBITS

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The world of CBITS is two intersecting domains – Behavioral Intervention theory and web technology. Ontologies are one strategy to manage the multi-faceted body of knowledge, models, designs, data and code that researchers at CBITS encounter every day. What Are Ontologies? An ontology is a “domain model,” or a model of some particular area of… Read more »

JSON Wars: The Empire SAX Back

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Two of the most persistent issues that I have to constantly address with Purple Robot its performance and resource footprint. After over a year, I’ve continued to refine and modify the code to squeeze out more responsiveness and battery life. In the current Purple Robot code, I just committed some code that increased battery life 176%, decreased average CPU load by 65%, at the cost of increasing the average memory footprint from 31.7MB to 36.4MB (as measured on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.3).

How did I do it?

Purple Robot Importer and Purple Warehouse

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Purple Robot (PR) is an excellent data-collection and device-side background application, with an impressive functionality set. But for any non-trivial use – and particularly for use in an institutional setting (such as that of CBITS) – it quickly becomes necessary to enable automated data-ingestion. tl;dr Purple Robot Importer and Purple Warehouse are a robust and… Read more »