PRIM: Participant Registration Intervention Management

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PRIM is a white-labeled, intervention participant registration system. Important aspects of PRIM include: an appealing home page, meant to grab interest of potential participants a process for administrators to personalize the content and facade of the intervention site content that details the intent and purpose of an intervention content that details the eligibility of the… Read more »

Programming Principles Week 1: Single Responsibility Principle

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The CBITs web developers have decided to focus on a new programming principle, heuristic or pattern each week. Our hope is that by doing so, we will start to develop a more intuitive understanding of the tradeoffs involved when applying these principles. For our first week, we have chosen the Single Responsibility Principle. The tl;dr… Read more »

Test Case: CommunicationBridge — Rails Admin as CMS

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Building custom, simple, and user-friendly content management systems is perhaps the greatest challenge in developing web applications for clinical research. Standard, widely available platforms like WordPress are not designed out of the box to satisfy the specific needs of individual research projects that require robust data models and complex views controlled by a wide array… Read more »

Deploying Rails Applications

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The following describes one method of deploying Rails applications in a production environment. I have only used this approach with a single server, and some changes would have to be made to get this to work in an environment with load balanced servers, multiple databases, etc. I have borrowed some of this from “Agile Web… Read more »