Friday Tech Session: Defining the Intellicare App Template

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Intellicare is a new project for CBITs and it involves the creation of a suite of Android “mini-apps” that each implement a clinical strategy or objective to serve users with anxiety or depression. To speed the development of these smaller apps, I’ve created an Android template app that serves as a resource/library providing commonly-used features… Read more »

Techtopia Intros: Chris Karr

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Happy 2013 and congratulations on surviving the Mayan apocalypse!

My name is Chris Karr and I’m one of the software guys (along with Mark, Evan, Gabe, and others) at “Techtopia” as part of the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. At Techtopia, we work with both internal and external researchers and collaborators to create the next generation of psychological tools to assist patients in need.

I’ve officially been a member of the Techtopia crew since last September (2011), but I’ve been working with them in an outside capacity back as early as 2009, when I put together a Qt-based native app for the initial Mobilyze trials on Nokia Symbian devices. When I decided to exit the independent consulting business in 2011, I evaluated a variety of options, and joined CBITs because of the extremely interesting and meaningful work that they were doing. In the Chicago area, there were few opportunities for me take techniques like machine learning and ubiquitous computing and apply them to concrete problems facing everyday users. At CBITs, I saw that opportunity and took it.